If you’re a heart-centered leader who uplifts others yet, find yourself ending your days mentally drained, emotionally exhausted, or empty on the inside,  you’re in the right place.

Empath Evolution provides specialized training and healing vibrations to Empaths, Feelers, and Seekers.  It’s time to stop the energy drains, release emotional pain, and eliminate relationship dynamics that interfere with your sense of inner peace.  Sensitivity becomes a gift once you become skilled and aware.




Our mission is to advance humanity’s understanding of the evolutionary path by spotlighting energetic sensitivity, emotional healing, and spiritual connection. We do this through private packages, corporate workshops, interviews, specialized programs, and our annual retreat.

Signature Program

Specialized training to expand your mind, strengthen your heart, and embrace your own evolutionary path.  This six-month program is designed for Empaths who are ready to step into their greatest gifts and move beyond dynamics that disempower them. Participants learn about energy dynamics – how to understand themselves at deeper levels, release emotional pain and traumas, and improve the quality of their life on every level.

Hi, my name is Michelle J. Howe.  As the founder of Empath Evolution, I’m here to speak to you about embracing your evolutionary path.  It’s time to stop feeling mentally drained, emotionally exhausted, or empty on the inside.  Our training provides a unique set of teachings and practices that will expand your mind, strengthen your heart, and empower you to live your best life. 

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to understand oneself and the world around you. 

Empathy shows up as feeling beyond the logical mind.
Empathy allows us to recognize one another.
Empathy is the language of soul.