Embrace Your Path

Storylines & Patterns
Energy, Emotions & Feelings
Sensing Your Energy Body

Expansion & Healing
Ease & Flow

Do you....

Feel drained by the end of the day?
Want off the emotional rollercoaster?
Believe in spirituality and synchronicity?

We can help you… 

Stop feeling drained by negativity.
Eliminate overwhelm and depression.
Achieve success from the inside out.
Stop suffering and release pain.
Activate your spiritual gifts.
Move beyond anxiety.


Empath Evolution empowers heart-centered and self-aware leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. We provide specialized training, mentorship, and healing that calms the emotional waters, eliminates the drama, and activates unique potentials for this lifetime.

Our clients gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to release what no longer serves them – to embrace their unique path – to feel true success as inner connection – where they finally arrive at authentic love, acceptance, fulfillment, and joyful expansion.


to understand oneself and the world around you.

Empathy shows up as feelings that go beyond logic.
Empathy allows us to recognize one another.
Empathy is the language of soul.  


Michelle’s program has helped me see myself and my own strengths in ways I couldn’t see before. I’ve gained courage to stop being afraid of others and needing to please them. I can speak my truth now in a calm and relaxed way.

~Linda Youngchild, Washington



Michelle’s presentations were excellent and came at a much-needed time as our associates and the world as a whole are navigating life during the pandemic, civil unrest and other stressful situations.

~Emily Meadows-Sharpe, North Carolina


I am really grateful for your ingenuity and courage to take your approach of feelings as the shadow to thinking. I am astounded at myself that I listened to you to the end and loved your clearing exercise.

~J. Cohen, Australia



I was deep into grieving for my wife who passed unexpectedly. I’ve also suffered a lot of trauma and abuse in my life and spent plenty of time in therapy, which only got me so far. Working with Michelle has brought me a completely different place- my whole perspective and approach has changed. It’s turning into the most amazing experience of my life, a thousand thank you’s aren’t enough. Thank you Michelle.

~George Day,  New York 




And receive our training on Being an Empath: Understanding The Energy Around You.