If you’re a heart-centered person who strengthens others yet, end your day mentally drained, emotionally exhausted, or empty on the inside,  you’re in the right place.

Empath Evolution provides specialized training to ‘awakening’ leaders, speakers, and achievers who are ready to understand themselves at deeper levels, release emotional pain, and achieve success from a strong sense of inner connection.



Our Mission

Our mission is to advance humanity’s understanding of consciousness and the evolutionary process by spotlighting energetic awareness, emotional healing, and inner connection as key skills.

Live Training

Access this free masterclass to address and eliminate the invisible dynamics that negatively impact your life.

Hi, my name is Michelle J. Howe.  As the founder of Empath Evolution, I’m here to speak to you about embracing your evolutionary path.  It’s time to stop feeling mentally drained, emotionally exhausted, or empty on the inside.  Our training provides a unique set of teachings and practices to expand your mind, strengthen your heart, and live your best life. 

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to understand oneself and the world around you. 

Empathy shows up as feeling beyond the logical mind.
Empathy allows us to recognize one another.
Empathy is the language of soul.