Your Path to Emotional Empowerment

Move Beyond Drama, Negativity & Confusion

Understand Your Emotions

Discover Inner Truth

Love Your Life

What is a happy life?


A happy life is a sustained way of being that allows you to feel safe, loved, respected and accepted beyond accomplishment,  validation, social status, physical appearance or material possession.  Happy living comes from depth, surrender and unconditional love for yourself.

Happiness comes from inner connection to our emotions, thoughts and physical body….
Happiness comes from feeling powerful, speaking your truth and positive action….
Happiness comes from mutual respect, compassion, space and boundaries…
Happiness comes from embracing yourself and your journey in life….



Welcome to Empath Evolution.  If you are a Highly Sensitivity Person or consider yourself a Healer, a Feeler or an Empath, then you’ve found the right place.   Empath Evolution offers unique teachings and guidance to expand your mind, strengthen your heart and empower your Expansion to Joy.  To learn more, click here.




Our mission is to light the way to the Joyful Path by offering guidance, wisdom and healing energies to awakening healers, feelers, seekers, Empaths and HSPs through education, connection and community.

Empath Evolution offers specific training and healing vibrations within private sessions, organized live and virtual workshops, programs and events designed to expand your mind, nourish your soul, and share energy-smart wisdom for life.

Our goal is to help you navigate beyond the negativity, trauma, mood swings and anxiety you may be experiencing so you can enjoy a more fulfilled life at home, at work and in your valued relationships.


What Is Awakening?


We are awakening to new understanding of ourselves as a vibration.
Awakening begins as you recognize your exceptional nature within a collective.
Awakening is a process of powerful transformation, new perspective and light expansion.
Awakening individuals seek a life of purpose, depth, joy and fulfillment.
Awakening is about empowerment, awareness and authenticity.
Awakening  allows the best of us to shine in the world.
Awakening is about purity, light and love.


Our Offerings

Our empowerment workshops bring together ​awakening men and women seeking new solutions, transformation or healing at deeper levels. Energy is the language of healing.  Understanding empathy, energy and emotions is key!  Workshops share practical tools, practices and principles to… Read More

Our online programs allow you to expand your awareness, embrace spiritual truths and learn to trust your intuition. These offerings allow you to tap into the sacred space of your heart for transformation and healing. Each program clears your energy field – expands your mind and raise your vibration… Read More

Upcoming events include a listing of dates for local and online empowerment workshops, along with our presence as an exhibitor at various holistic events and expos.  Consider attending these events to meet us in person and learn more about the journey to emotional empowerment.   Read More

to understand oneself and the world around you. 

Empathy shows up as feeling beyond the logical mind.
Empathy allows us to recognize one another.
Empathy is the language of soul.  


Online Resources

Learn what it means to be a feeler who understands, reads and responds to the world around them.  The next phase of evolution brings balance between heart and mind that expands our conscious awareness,  inner connection and joy for life.  Read More

Our awakening blog shares relevant and important wisdom that guides the journey for those embracing wisdom in this lifetime.  The blog allows feelers, healers and sensitives to enhance human understanding and follow the truth of their heart. Read More

Join our private online community to connect and learn with others walking their own awakening path.   The community provides safe space for questions and teachings that to raise your vibration. Read More


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