Your Path to Emotional Empowerment

Move Beyond Drama, Negativity & Confusion

Understand Your Emotions

Discover Inner Truth

Love Your Life

What is a happy life?


A happy life is a sustained way of being that allows you to feel safe, loved, respected and accepted beyond accomplishment,  validation, social status, physical appearance or material possession.  Instead, happy living comes from depth, surrender and unconditional love for yourself.

Happiness comes from inner connection to our emotions, thoughts and physical body….
Happiness comes from feeling powerful, speaking your truth and positive action….
Happiness comes from mutual respect, compassion, space and boundaries…
Happiness comes from embracing yourself and your journey in life….



Empath Evolution was born out of Michelle J. Howe’s realization that despite her strong mind and
passion for life,  she had not truly understood that she was energetically sensitive.

Through a series of unusual circumstances in her early 40s, she found herself in an emotional crisis that could not be ignored.  Traditional therapy was her first step and failed miserably.  As a second step, she looked into metaphysical, holistic and spiritual teachings.  To her amazement and beyond her logical mind, she chose to embrace powerful concepts and practices that would forever change her life. To learn more, click here.

Empath Evolution offers unique teachings that allow you to navigate your life
with new priority for inner connection, emotional balance and heart-healing vibrations.




To bring mainstream relevance and awareness to the topics of energetic sensitivity,
emotional empowerment and inner connection.

To share, guide and teach awakening individuals who are ready to discover
the path to inner peace, joy and fulfillment.


What Is Awakening?


Individuals are awakening as they choose inner connection and emotional balance.
Awakening individuals begin to recognize themselves within a collective and individual struggle.
Awakening is a process that brings powerful change, new perspective and heart expansion.
Awakening individuals seek a life of purpose, depth, joy and fulfillment.
Awakening is about empowerment, awareness and inner truth.
Awakening  allows the best of us to shine in the world.
Awakening is about purity, light and love.

Work with us


Our private sessions share spiritual and intuitive guidance relating to the healing journey. The work is done within sacred space that allows you to step into new levels of empowerment and emotional freedom. During your session, the priority is to balance and clear your energy field – to expand your mind and…. Read More

Our online programs allow you to expand your awareness, embrace spiritual truths and learn to trust your intuition. These offerings allow you to tap into the sacred space of your heart for transformation and healing. Each program clears your energy field – expands your mind and raise your vibration… Read More

Our special bundle provides an amazing opportunity to advance with systematic teachings via our Embracing Your Path program while simultaneously enrolled in 6 private Awakening Sessions with us..   In this unique bundle, you learn about energy, spirit, connection and truths relating to your… Read More

Empath Evolution impacts the world noting that
to understand oneself and the world around you. 

Empathy shows up as feeling beyond the logical mind.
Empathy guides us recognize one another.
Empathy is the language of soul.  



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