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Today, I am happy, directed and balanced. I approach life with new insights and tools that allow me to shine with positivity despite the chaos, drama, and negativity that sometimes surrounds me.

My role today is to serve as an awakening teacher, speaker and healer for those who are ready for new success in the world. I speak the language of energy – some call it “light language” – where I speak to awaken for inner connection and transformation. In this way, I help to expand your mind and facilitate healing at deeper levels. If you connect with my words, please know – it’s your time – time to shine bright in the world.

Are you ready for positive change?
Are you ready for inner connection?
Are you ready for joyful living?

My Training

My training and interests went immediately towards energy healing  because I could physically hear the flow of energy – a validation to my logical mind.  I pursued many topics of interest within metaphysical, spiritual and energy healing disciplines. I sampled many different topics and tools – blending them together within my mind to help myself remember.  I am a learner – accumulating knowledge on hand-writing analysis, face analysis, tarot card reading, connecting with spiritual guides, learning about the energetic body, medical intuition, archetypes, akashic knowing and alchemy.  I learned about healing codes and activations – how to sense subtle energy and awaken my light body.  I learned about kinesiology, homeopathy and nutrition.  I have exposed myself to things which thrills me. I pursued many different healing modalities and certifications.  I enrolled in programs developed by top leaders within the spiritual and intuitive development community like Jennifer Hoffman, Sonya Choquette, Sanaya Roman, Carolyn Myss, Matt Kahn, Sandy Anastasi, Michele Fitzgerald and others.  I continue to learn every day, and the universe supports me.

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