About Michelle

 Michelle J. Howe, founder

My Role

Today, I am happy, directed and balanced. I approach life with wisdom and tools that allow me to shine bright with positivity despite the chaos, drama, and negativity that can come into my space.

I am passionate about sharing perspectives, thoughts, and tools to navigate beyond the challenges that accompany our journey.  I empower leaders, seekers, and feelers to understand themselves at deeper levels… to live their highest potential. 


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My Awakening

My awakening journey started near my 40th birthday.

I was always passionate, introspective, and intuitive but… had never heard of sensitivity, empath, awakening, or subtle energy.

In those early years of my awakening, I experience a lot of pain and confusion.  This “disruption” was not easy to understand or accept.  Instead, it sparked an inner drive for SOLUTIONS and ANSWERS.  My goal was- to get off the emotional rollercoaster, take back my life, and understand what happened to me. 

My Training

Learning about ME was necessary and important.  I began to light up with excitement as more and more information came my way.

I was drawn to energy healing. I could physically hear the flow of energy- a validation to my logical mind.  I became passionate about metaphysics, spirituality, and healing. I dedicated myself to being a student- to help myself.  My knowledge base grew to include topics like hand-writing analysis, face analysis, tarot card reading, connecting with spiritual guides, clearing the energetic body, medical intuition, archetypes, akashic knowing, and alchemy.  I embraced “out-of-the-box” teachings relating to healing codes, activations, sensing subtle energy, and awakening the Light Body.

My interests grew stronger by the day – and opened me up to kinesiology, homeopathy, and food as medicine. I obtained many healing certifications- learning from top teachers like Jennifer Hoffman, Sonya Choquette, Sanaya Roman, Carolyn Myss, Matt Kahn, Sandy Anastasi, Michele Fitzgerald, etc.

Today, I continue to learn as a perpetual student- holding many healing certifications and graduating from the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program. I provide workshops and speak at different venues including the Institute of Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY, Lily Dale Assembly in Lily Dale, NY, and Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

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I provide interviews, workshops, and speaking engagements.

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Reach me at 315-676-7460 or michelle@empathevolution.com


My Passion

What I bring to my clients is healing vibrations – knowledge, tools, and techniques – a path to reclaim and release emotional pain that keeps them stuck.

My clients learn to be intentional and at peace within themselves.  They learn to appreciate and step forward with purpose- finally grasping the formula for true success in life.

What makes me unique is my ability to hold sacred space and share healing vibration- to hear, feel, and see all parts- even the aspects of someone that live in the background.

My guidance serves to expand the mind, strengthen the heart, and nourish the soul using a blend of traditional, metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric teachings that serve to awaken their soul signature.

My purpose it to empower others- to teach them HOW to counter what holds them back, release pain and negativity, and transform their life with ease and grace.

My clients move beyond challenges and step into their full potential.

An Invitation . . .

An Invitation To You:  I’d love to chat!  Schedule your complimentary ‘EmPATH to Awakening’ Expansion Call ~ Just 20 minutes and by the end of our time together, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of your next steps –  to embrace your inner Empath, release emotional pain, and eliminate dysfunction in your life.

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Accreditations & Affiliations

Certificate Programs

• Bachelors of Business at Siena College, 1990
• Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in NYS, 1994
• NxLevel Instructor Certification, 2012
• Reiki Master Certification (Levels I, II, III), 2012
• Integrated Energy Therapist (Levels I, II, III), 2014
• The Healing Angels of the Energy Field, 2014
• Soul Detective: Healing Past Life Trauma, 2017
• Metatronic Healing (4 Levels), England 2017-2023
• Creating Transformational Workshops, Kripalu 2018

Non-Certificate Programs

• Alchemy Program with Patricia Cota-Robles, 2011
• Akashic Knowing with Lisa Barnett, 2011
• Mediumship with John Holland and Sharon Kringler, 2011
• Chakra Program with Jennifer Hoffman, 2012
• Awakening the Light Body with Orin & DaBen, 2014
• Mediumship & Spirit Communication with Elaine Thomas, 2014
• Six Sensory with Sonya Choquette, 2014
• Psychic Development with Sandy Anastasi, 2016
• Transcending the Matrix Illusion with Anah Maa, 2017
• Ultimate Clearing Protocol with Christoff Melchiezedek, 2019
• Enlightened Empath with SpiritHeal Institute, 2020

Women Speakers Association: The Voice of the 21st Century
Women Speakers Association: The Voice of the 21st Century


• Spiritual Caregiver at Loretto Health & Rehabilitation (2014)
• Programs Director at Women Business Owners & Connections (WBOC), Syracuse, NY  (2010-2014)
• Board Treasurer at Brewerton Elementary PTO (2007-2010)
• Finance Director at St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Church, Utica, NY (1990-1996)


• Lived 4 years in Sicily, Italy
• Fluent in Italian and Spanish
• Proud mother to three great kids
• Married to Matthew for over 25 years
• Loves the sun, ocean, beach, and flowers
• Enjoys reading, writing, and deeper conversations


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