What does it truly mean to be an Empath?

Empaths are highly attuned to energy!

A term for individuals who realize they are naturally feeling, engaging and impacting energy.  

What is ENERGY?

Everything and everywhere, you are surrounded by ENERGY.   Each of us embodies and shares our own unique vibe with others.  This vibe is a feeling of energy that is magnetic and electric. Empaths will naturally tune into the SUBTLE ENERGIES of people, places, and animals.  Beyond mere intuition, Empaths will feel, sense, and know what is not revealed or seen by another person.  

Each Empath is unique based on level of sensitivity, energetic awareness, soul maturity, and personal journey.

Your Journey to Self

Energetic Awareness
Truth, Wisdom, & Perspective
Emotional Empowerment
Raise Your Vibration
Inner Connection
Trust & Flow

Significant Empath Traits

  1. Your friends and strangers share very personal stories with you.
  2. You understand, feel and know the deeper pains of others.
  3. You are often labeled as “too sensitive.”
  4. You can easily chameleon your behavior, mannerism or language.
  5. You can struggle to understand your thoughts separate from others.
  6. You avoid crowds and enjoy spending time alone.
  7. Your moods can change very quickly for no apparent reason.
  8. You shut down or feel depleted around negative situations.
  9. You deal with fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Other Significant Traits

  1. You see through masks and the superficial.
  2. You use addictive behaviors to help you relax.
  3. You are intolerant to narcissism.
  4. You react to noise level and excess stimuli.
  5. You know things beyond simple intuition.
  6. You are a creative “ideas” person.
An ornate key charm.

Empath Challenge

They do not always understand why they feel off.  They may think there’s something wrong with them.  The unaware and unskilled Empath will struggle with confusion, moodiness, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.  Their aura is very porous and fluid – this means they can easily absorb the vibes that urrounds them.  They are also at risk for losing themselves in toxic relationships and environments.

Empath Traits

The naturally intuitive among us are sensitive and gifted.  Learn more about yourself or someone you love today!

Empath Quiz

Are You An Empath?  It’s time to understand the reasons behind your struggle and step into your true path and purpose.

What’s Your Next Step?

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