Being An Empath

Each Empath is unique with regard to sensitivity, awareness, soul age, and personal journey.

Feeling & Knowing

An Empath differs in that “feeling and/or knowing” is their primary way of navigating the world.  This allows them to sense truth beyond spoken words, appearances, or logical thinking.

What do Empaths sense?

They tune into SUBTLE ENERGIES – the visible and invisible – spoken and unspoken within an environments.  They tune into collective thoughts, individual thoughts, true feelings and emotions, physical pain, and more.

They are “reading” the unique vibrations someone embodies. They go deeper with conversations, they hold a sacred space with non-judgment,  and uplift others by their mere presence.

An ornate key charm.

Significant Traits

  1. Your friends and strangers share very personal stories with you.
  2. You understand, feel and know the deeper pains of others.
  3. You are often labeled as “too sensitive.”
  4. You can easily chameleon your behavior, mannerism or language.
  5. You can struggle to understand your thoughts separate from others.
  6. You avoid crowds and enjoy spending time alone.
  7. Your moods can change very quickly for no apparent reason.
  8. You shut down or feel depleted around negative situations.
  9. You deal with fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Additional Traits

  1. You see through masks and the superficial.
  2. You use addictive behaviors to help you relax.
  3. You are intolerant to narcissism.
  4. You react to noise level and excess stimuli.
  5. You know things beyond simple intuition.
  6. You are a creative “ideas” person.

The Unaware Empath

Most do not recognize what is happening – other than feeling different and struggling at different points.  Many begin to believe something is wrong with them and try to find solutions in therapy.

Because their aura is quite porous and fluid – they will easily absorb the vibes around them.  They may struggle with confusion, overwhelm, moodiness, fatigue, anxiety, or depression. They are also at risk for losing themselves in toxic relationships and environments.