Blossoming Empaths

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I am an Empath who has embraced her path!

The word “Empath” is a relatively on the scene.  This word is being used to describe those that realize they are affected by energy. These individuals are coming together today to share on an ability to feel, know and connect in unique and subtle ways to the world around them.  These individuals are awakening, embracing their path and blossoming in many ways.

Being open, ready and realizing everyone is connected and affected by energy is an important first step.  Most people are simply not ready or aware of subtle energies – at least not yet.  Many of us are simply too busy and distracted to take notice of feelings. For me – it took forty years to discover I was an Empath.

A flower against a blurred background.I use the word “Empath” a lot now because it is my mission to share and empower others who are ready to listen.  I teach on a variety of important topics related to being an Empath. My goal is to help each person understand themselves – their energy, emotions, intuition and more. I teach to help others navigate living in our crazy world.  I teach to bring new knowledge, awareness and depth. I teach to support and guide others through their unique process of personal transformation.

The wisdom for you today is that the journey we call “our life” is all about inner understanding of ourselves verses “the quest for success” most of us seek to find or create in the world. This inner understanding of Self is a lifelong process – happening either consciously or unconsciously. Either way, whether we realize it or not – we are here to shift and transform into new ways of being.

The process will flow smoother when we know more.  My recommendation is that each person consciously embrace new knowledge, develop your intuitive skills and learn energy smarts.  If you are new to these ideas and being an Empath, take it one step at a time knowing.

My transformational shifts began consciously for me about eight years ago when I could not make logical sense of my life. With all my smarts, introspection and accomplishment, I was struggling to understand my emotions, moods and choices. This humble space is where I realized there was more for me to know – I started my journey as an Empath.

The process of transformation is about shifts in consciousness – mental, emotional and physical. Each shift is about blossoming into something more than you were yesterday.  Each shift involves facing fears, clearing lesser beliefs, releasing emotions and more.  Each shift changes how you connect and function in the world – for the better!

Empaths are blossoming to: 

~    Live with energetic balance.
~   Speak their truth.
~   Face uncomfortable situations.
~   Know themselves.
~   Connect to their guidance.

~   Develop their intuitive/psychic gifts.
~   Lead with a compassionate heart.

~   Utilize energy smarts.

If you are ready, step forward and embrace your journey as an Empath. The transformational process ignites an inner connection that leads to joy and expansive living – where you listen to your feelings, learn from each experience and trust your divine purpose.

Much Love, Michelle


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MICHELLE J. HOWE is a powerful channel of high vibrational, healing energies. She serves today as an Awakening Speaker, Evolutionary Guide and a Master Healer. As a perpetual student of life, Michelle holds many healing certifications, and is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program. Michelle awakens and guides heart-centered individuals on the Path to Joyful Expansion.
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