Bundles for Lightworkers

Lightworker I

Four programs of independent study for clarity, knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment. 

BEING AN EMPATH is a strong program for energetically sensitive individuals at a beginning or intermediate stage of development. The program provides insights, guidance and tools for empowered living. It includes over 7 hours of high-vibrational teachings in downloadable MP3 files along with 5 documents with specific guidance and introspection. Listen to one recording per week or adjust to what feels comfortable to you. 

Teachings are outlined below:

Module 1             Self-Awareness and Polarity of Truths
Module 2             Heart Surrender and Using You Body
Module 3             Compassionate Response and Heart Expansion
Module 4             Unraveling Threads and Energetic Support
Module 5             Energetic Clearing and Creative Visualizations

THE ENERGETIC BODY teaches you about the energetic body – the chakra, the auric bodies, the meridians and more. You will learn how each major energy centers is connected to function as one system within in your life. Each module provides “at home” directives to further integrate class teachings. This program includes 4 modules with over 5 hours of downloadable content.

​THE EMPATH CHALLENGE facilitates a 21-day transformation with insights that allow you to better navigate your life. Each challenge teaches you about energy in a fun way.  Each day brings along a task, practice or experience that helps you feel energy, connect with your soul, and calm your mind.

Day  1 – Inner Discovery; Day  2 – Energetic Body; Day  3 – Environment; Day  4 – Morning Practice; Day  5 – Vibration; Day  6 – Boundaries; Day  7 – New Realizations; Day  8 – Space; Day  9 – Air; Day 10 – Earth; Day 11 – Water; Day 12 – Fire; Day 13 – Sound; Day 14 – Energetic Balance; Day 15 – Emotions; Day 16 – Healing; Day 17 – Love; Day 18 – Value; Day 19 – Forgiveness; Day 20 – Confidence; Day 21 – A Unique Path

THE AWAKENING PACK  includes 11 individual classes. Each MP3 file is 1.5 hours or more in length.

  1. The Journey of Awakening – Learn about the unique experiences that trigger an individual’s awakening process.
  2. Being An Empath – Learn the inherent strength, purpose, and potentials that is part and parcel to being an Empath.
  3. The Life & Role of An Empath Gain a higher perspective of your life and your sensitivity as a gift with divine purpose.
  4. Becoming A Skilled Empath – Understand the reality of energetic exchanges and practical approach to empowerment.
  5. Managing Our Gifts – Learn about “your gifts” and how they can be enhanced to create positives in the world.
  6. Terms & Vocabulary For Empaths – Learn the meaning of basic to advanced terms used by awakening Empaths.
  7. The Wise Empath – Gain a broader  sense of the path and practice to embody wisdom, compassion, and joy.
  8. The Path and Process of Self-Healing – Gain deeper understanding of what holds you back and what is ahead of you.
  9. Developing Intuitive Gifts – Learn about intuitive channels and how to strengthen your primary and secondary gifts.
  10. Keys to Creating, Flowing & Manifesting – Learn the art of flowing and the patterns that create pain in your life.
  11. Life Choices, Contracts & Agreements – Learn out of the box concepts and truths that greatly impact your life.

    Lightworker I

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    Lightworker II

    Three programs of independent study that guide your path beyond struggles that interfere with your joy-factor. 

    EMBRACING YOUR PATH is designed for inquisitive minds ready to embrace higher levels of consciousness.  This program teaches spiritual laws, energy smart tools, intuitive development, and your path to self-healing. 

    The program includes 12 modules with over 15 hours of high vibrational teachings in downloadable MP3 files along with resources, worksheets, and directives.

     Program outline below:

    1.  Stages, struggles and process of awakening. Energetic Universe
    2.  Energy flows are electrical and magnetic. Law of Balance
    3. Responsibility, free will and destiny. Law of Choices
    4. New levels of persistence, patience & discipline. Law of Process
    5. Pitfalls and energy drains to avoid. Law of Presence
    6. Perspectives, judgment & polarity. Law of Compassion
    7. Navigate with purpose, trust and awareness. Law of Faith
    8. Manifesting as a creative process.Law of Expectation
    9. Spiritual authority and intention. Law of Integrity
    10.  Balance your energy vibration. Law of Action & Cycles
    11. Remove attachment and resistance. Law of Surrender
    12. Higher vibrations and consciousness. Law of Unity


    The EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE allows you to understand the root causes behind your struggles.

    Learn to: ✓ Remove “noise” in your life. ✓ Recognize your own energy dance. ✓ Manage challenging relationships. ✓ Why certain dynamics unsettle you. ✓ Strengthen your energy bodies. ✓ Release emotional wounds. ✓ Stop absorbing negativity. ✓ Eliminate anxiety. ✓ Plus more….

    Learn practical approaches, insights, and out-of-the-box solutions to transform the way you engage with life.  This powerful program with over 10 hours of training includes 5 classes, a summary booklet, worksheets, and recommendations.

      THE EMOTIONAL PATH is a 10+ hour training designed for  feelers, artists, lovers, and achievers who are ready to connect the dots, remove blind spots, and eliminate what interferes with their joy-factor.

      You will learn: ✓ What awakening truly means. ✓ The domino effect of overwhelm. ✓ Top ingredient for powerful meditations. ✓ Why isolation is not your best solution. ✓ Key stages and phases of your journey. ✓ How your best efforts are derailed. ✓ When protection becomes natural. ✓ Plus more…

        Lightworker II

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        Are You Ready to Eliminate The Pain, Drama, and Confusion That Disempowers You?

        We offer these online bundles in addition to private mentorship, empowerment, and mastermind packages to support awakening Lightworkers through a proven process that allows you to trust yourself, your spiritual connection, and your path to joyful living.  In short order, you eliminate the struggles that are holding you back.

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