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Time for Empaths to awaken and step forward on their path.
Who am I talking to?  What path?

I am talking to those individuals who look for depth in their life.  These individuals are gaining awareness of themselves as intuitive, energetic beings that are living a human experience.  These individuals are seekers. These individuals have always been and are Empaths who feel and know things at deeper levels.  Empaths are you, me and us – all those who are awake and aware to being affected by energy.  Empaths are individuals who are naturally and highly attuned to energy!  They are awakening to realize many, many thing about themselves and life.  They have the ability to see beyond the many superficial and material distractions in life.  Once awake, these individuals are interested in humanity and look to create lives of purpose and meaning. These individuals look to feel and live with joy and fulfillment.  These individuals have the capacity to connect and love at deeper levels.  These individuals see the beauty of life.  Does any of this resonate with you?  Is any of this YOU?

Where and how do YOU start embracing your path Here is a general directive:

1 – Remain open to listen and learn new knowledge.
2 – Inquire about YOU – go within – go deeper than your skills, roles and identity.
3 – Observe your mentality – your beliefs create, define or often limit your life.
4 – Note emotional triggers – these are your wounds that need healing.
5 – Physical issues – your body is trying to get your attention.
6 – Learn to calm your mind – quiet the chatterbox. 
7 – Step forward on your journey to Self. 

What will embracing your path do for you?  Embracing your path will transform you in many ways.  In total, you gain a NEW PERSPECTIVE, which changes everything.  Embracing new perspectives allows you to flow with life and be calm without the chatter of your minds directing every move, insecurity or anxiety.  Living with new awareness allows you to see through illusions and recognize the crazy that is quite palpable all around us.  Most of humanity is out there distracted – unconsciously creating and living with fear, pain and chaos.  Don’t follow the pack.  BE
the change!

Does any of this resonate with you?  Good.  I am glad to hear you are on the path with me.

Empath Evolution is here to bring programs and individual guidance to support your journey.   What each of us needs is a foundation of knowledge to shift, expand and navigate through life – for our own development – sense of self – to embrace joy – to transmute energy – to heal on all levels – to reach and maintain higher frequency vibrations and finally, to be the WISE EMPATH each and every single day.

You – as an individual and, we – as a group, have much to do!  

First on that list is to gain deeper understanding of your Self and your life.  This requires you to see with new perspective how you are living your life – functioning and feeling on a daily basis. Once you see and understand more, you will be guided to transmute, heal and expand in every way.  You will shed masks and remove layers of limiting beliefs, ideas and identities that cause you pain.  You will feel the strength of your own heart, mind and soul. You will step into action to manifest positive changes in your lives.  The good news is that you are more than capable and equipped for the task at hand!  All the growth you do for yourselves will impact your life and others on many levels.    

BEING on the path means you embrace new knowledge within the metaphysical world that includes spiritual laws, energy, karma, past lives and more.  These may seem like abstract concepts but they have real, long-term merit to help you see the puzzle pieces that are YOU.  

BEING on the path brings awareness and development of your unique set of intuitive gifts relating to knowing, feeling, seeing and hearing.  These higher senses can and are an invaluable guide on your journey.

BEING on the path means you are utilizing energy skills, tools and practices to support yourselves on a daily basis. All of this helps you manage energetic exchanges while keeping your vibration at higher frequencies.  

BEING on the path helps you embrace every single experience that comes your way.  You will see beyond circumstances to gain insights and wisdom to live a soul conscious life.  You will learn that life experience and pain, is often your best teacher!  In each instance of your life and in every situation, you are always both the student and teacher.  In this sense, you are never a victim and will always be responsible for your choices.   

When you embrace your path as outlined above, you will shift and change in spiral fashion on a daily basis.  You will release, and transcend the old ways you functioned in the world.  Your ability to advance on the path depends largely on your own dedication and focus.  The challenge will always be outside distractions that detour, stop or delay your progress.  Do your best to stay committed – balance your approach.  You are best served to set aside time for quiet and relaxation.  In this way, you will connect to remember, awaken and transform your self and your life more very day.  

The journey for each Empath – for YOU and your path, will be unique.  Once awake, you go forward to awaken more and more each and every day. The journey doesn’t end today, tomorrow or next year – it continues…  In simple terms, the newly awake individual will learn about being an Empath.  Very quickly and consistently, this Empath will focus their directive on becoming a skilled Empath. In the end and inevitably, every individual on this path will become a wise Empath.

Much Love,  Michelle


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MICHELLE J. HOWE is a powerful channel of high vibrational, healing energies. She serves today as an Awakening Speaker, Evolutionary Guide and a Master Healer. As a perpetual student of life, Michelle holds many healing certifications, and is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program. Michelle awakens and guides heart-centered individuals on the Path to Joyful Expansion.
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