It’s time to connect the dots, remove blind spots, and eliminate what interferes with your joy-factor. 

This 10-days intensive is for “awakening” Empaths, Feelers, Seekers, and HSPs who are ready to put an end to the overwhelm and emotional drains that negatively impact their life.

It’s time for healthy oneness and wisdom!

Let Michelle share powerful insights, solutions, and strategies to improve the quality of your life.

This intensive happens live in Empath Evolution’s private community on Facebook.  Replays (off social media) will be available to all registrants.

To register, click here.
This all begins on February 21, 2022.



•  No more overwhelm.

•  Being safe in your body.

•  Negativity has no impact.

•  Easing through challenges.

•  Feeling grounded.



I have always been an introspective woman who loved the study of people – their behavior, choices, and feelings. This interest became my passion and purpose after a series of events (many years ago) brought on my own Dark Night of the Soul.

In those days, I was quite aware of my own pain. I found solutions within the world of metaphysics, spirituality, vibrational healing, and holistic health. I learned from great teachers and programs, received many healing certifications, and graduated from the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program. That was 13 years ago.

Today I serve as an evolutionary guide and spiritual teacher. I hold the capacity to channel high-vibrational healing energies to my clients through my teachings, meditations, and private sessions.

I empower seekers, feelers, and Empaths to move beyond the emotional pain and trauma that interferes with their sense of inner peace. My clients become skilled and aware with a renewed sense of confidence in themselves and their connection to Spirit.

Michelle J. Howe

You Will Learn

• What awakening truly means for you.
• The domino effect of overwhelm.
• Top ingredient for powerful meditations.
• Why isolation is not your best solution.
• Key stages and phases of your journey.
• How your best efforts are derailed.
• When protection becomes natural.
• Plus more…


Years and years on my own would not have brought me to what hours with her has.” – Stacy, North Carolina

“Michelle’s program has changed my life.”
– Kelly, New York

“I have more peace and contentment with who I am and what I have gone through than ever before.”
– Bonnie, Texas

Working with Michelle and the personalized guidance and tools she has given me, I am now in a completely different place, my whole perspective has changed, I have more clarity about the gifts I didn’t realize I had…

I’m on a path of inner healing that is turning into the most amazing experience of my life, a thousand thank you’s aren’t enough. Thank you Michelle.”

New York

“I have had pleasure of working with Michelle and she has made amazing changes to my life. I have struggled with overwhelm and mental illness my entire life. 

After a few sessions, Michelle made it clear how to work on the things that were frustrating me and holding me back. I am living with a calmer disposition now and can truly enjoy my life and be present with my family.”

New York

MY LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER. Before the program I was an absolute nervous wreck… The very moment I began applying the lessons this program taught me about clearing my inner space, transmuting my emotions and creating quiet in my mind, the change started to occur.

For the first time in my life, I had peace… This program gave me more than words can even describe.”