What does it truly mean to have an open heart???

In general, most people think they have open hearts when in fact; it is part open (at best).  I know this is a bold statement but, let me explain.

To me, having an open heart means having a heart FULL of love!  

How many of you would say that on a daily basis, you operate with a heart that is full of love for humanity and all that comes your way?  I would guess that very few of us could comprehend the magnitude of what this entails because many of us are still struggling with our own self-love.  How do I know this??  Because I am very observant!

I watch many women and some men both online and in person.  I feel them and I note how they feel about themselves as it shows up in their interactions, body gestures and energy.  Most of the time and for most people, the concept of self-love is a new age term or metaphysical jargon that does little to impact day-to-day life.  Most people do not understand the full meaning of self-love or how to connect to it.  Instead, most operate and function in a managed craze until a physical illness or a traumatic life event comes our way.  Then and only then do we truly pay attention!

What do we need to know?  

We are energetic beings inside a physical body.  To know our Self – to love ourselves, we must go within and get familiar with expansive feeling – a place of being.  This means that we are NOT our thoughts or our emotions.  This means we are NOT our jobs, titles or roles.  This means we are a whole lot MORE of something wonderful that cannot be labeled or understood because it is not visible or easily identified.  I am alluding to the fact that each of us has an essence – a soul that guides beyond our mind – a much larger and wiser part of you.

What do I see out there right now?

We do not naturally go within to touch base and know our Self because we are too distracted with stuff.   We are so overrun by the life we are living and the expectations of our society.  We focus on anything and everything society expects of us – which leaves us plain old busy.  We follow the crowd to fit in. Our value often hinges on outside validation, accomplishment or material possessions.  We chase our tail trying to control life and people.  We live in fear or worry about what might or might not happen tomorrow.  We get comfortable with our lives and resist any sort of change.  We feel rejected when friendships or relationships come to an end.  We focus on the outside aspects of our life because this reality seems all-important. Life whizzes by and, next thing we know, we are in the sunset of our life.  Mostly, we pause with regrets.  So illusive and quick – life just flew by!

I am here to tell you that OPENING your HEART means operating from a SOUL perspective that looks quite a bit different.  To be open, the soul requires us to slow it down…  It requires us to quiet the mind…

For the most part, humanity operates with very little knowledge of higher consciousness.  Our history plainly reveals struggles for power that bring corruption and war.  Then again, we have also experienced wonderful creativity and advancement.

Today, we are remembering even more.  We are waking up!!  It’s a wonderful time indeed and, more and more will be revealed to us.  For now, our FOCUS needs to be on becoming aware – accepting soul consciousness is part of the picture.

When we truly become aware of soul, what do we realize?

I smile at this question because this is easy.  When we are awake to soul consciousness, we realize WE ARE PURE LOVE at the highest levels.   Our natural condition, process and way will be to love others and our Self.  We discover that any other way of functioning is something unnatural to us and we start the journey of self-healing to bring this higher consciousness more fully into our life.  We then step into the mysteries that surround our existence and make it our priority to embrace our unique path.

What happens to us when we begin to walk the spiritual path to follow guidance?  

WE begin to remember and change our perceptions.

We begin to understand that our life is really an inner journey of self-discovery.

We begin to learn that all healing comes via the energy of love.

We begin to learn that we are gifted individuals that can truly never die.

We begin to feel within and create a different reality for our Self.

So, what does it look like to function with an open hearts?  

It means we have chosen and do love our Self unconditionally.

It means we look at people and situations with a new understanding.

It means we are able to love others at a soul level despite their faults.

It means we have developed trust and gratitude and faith in our Self.

It means we appreciate and accept what comes our way.

It means we listen to higher guidance.

It means we flow with life.

How do we open our heart?

This is a BIG question that requires a deeper answer for you and I need you to be listening with your heart (not your logical mind). When we open our hearts fully, the heart leads the mind – not the opposite way!  It means we start tapping into our intuition to guide us; we start opening to higher knowledge from the higher mind; we learn to respond to life in a balanced way; and we gain awareness to heal our energetic bodies.  Stepping forward in this new way with an open heart begin a wonderful journey of awareness and joy for living our lives.

I realize there is a ton for you to understand.  No worries, you will get it.


Much Love,  Michelle


MICHELLE J. HOWE is the founder of Empath Evolution.  She steps into the world as “the Wise Empath” – an Awakening Healer, Teacher and Speaker.  Michelle shares her passion, wisdom and study of life as an energetically sensitive soul.  She is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program and is certified as a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Soul Detective Therapist and Metatronic Healer.

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