Upcoming Events 


You can learn more about Empath Evolution and meet us at one of our events.

We hold local live presentations, speak at community events, offer in-person workshops and finally, we have community events and programs available online for your convenience.

Awakening Event

These exclusive events help you gain deeper understanding of yourself, your emotions and your energy body.

The events are interactive and experiential introductions to new concepts and tools that allow you to live your most authentic life feeling powerful, strong and loved.

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Live Training

This awakening program nourishes and activates your sense of inner connection to trust in your capacity to master energy dynamics around and within, to step forward in service to others and, to create your best life.  

You are guided to embrace, know, like and choose flow in your  life. It’s time to step into your potential, activates vibrational alignment and provides powerful connections.

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Empowerment Workshops

These workshops share a blend of awakening concepts and practices for personal and professional development.  

Our workshops are designed for groups, teams and organizations.  Topics include Emotional Empowerment, Embracing Energetic Sensitivity and more.

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Free Webinar

You will learn…

•  Foundational truths to loving your life.
•  Four myths that sabotage happiness.
•  My favorite way to diffuse negativity.
•  To clear your energy body.

This free webinar is available for immediate replay to you.  It will come be available live again in the near future.  Register below and, enjoy.  

Expansion to Joy

Rescheduled &
Coming This Fall 2020


Location TBD
Sunday, October 18, 2020