Expand Your Mind, Strengthen Your Heart, And Love Your Life.  

You thought you had it all figured out.  But you keep struggling.  You cannot seem to ignore the fact that you’re not feeling good inside.  

You step forward every day and do great work.  You listen and uplift friends, family and co-workers. You end your days feeling exhausted and drained – craving alone time to recharge. The world and people can disturb your sense of inner peace.

You’ve noticed a disconnection within you. You smile because you are strong and because nobody needs to worry about you. You simply don’t understand how you can create happy moments only to turn around and face the opposite.

If the above describes you, then it’s time to see the full picture – to discover and embrace your greatest gift without feeling drained or losing yourself. Let me share more with you.  Register to attend an EXPANSION TO JOY event today, and empower yourself.

EXPANSION TO JOY is a 5-hour virtual retreat designed for introspective men and women who push through challenges to uplift others… who are a source of support for others… who keep their challenges to themselves… who are ready to claim their own feelings, release emotional pain, and embrace their evolution.




and mentally prepared for a full day of happenings. 

without getting sucked into the drama.

without feeling it in your body.

without feeling guilt, shame, or selfish.

when you trust, discern, and speak your truth.


Concepts, tools and techniques that allow you to step into your fullest potential both at home and at work.

Topics & Teachings

Your Evolution
Greater understanding of your purpose and priority.

Raise Your Vibration
Stop absorbing negative vibes around you.

Emotional Healing
Release heavy emotions, trauma, and pain.

Eliminate what no longer serves you.

Improve the quality of your life.

You Will Receive

5-Hour Virtual Retreat

Live Engagement & Teachings

Healing Meditations (MP3)

Training Manual (PDF)

Recording of Event

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October 23, 2020

11am-4pm EST | 8am-1pm PST

Registration Opens in September 2021

Attendees receive exclusive content not available for purchase or distribution. 

Presented by…

MICHELLE J. HOWE is the founder and president of Empath Evolution.

Michelle is a perpetual student of life, holds many healing certifications and is a graduate of Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program. Michelle awakens heart-centered individuals, teams and organizations on The Path to Joyful Expansion.

Michelle’s mission is to strengthen your sense of inner connection and deepen the trust you have in your own natural gifts and intuition. She guides energetically sensitive souls to elevate their personal fulfillment at home, at work, and in their relationships.

What People Are Saying

I am so glad I was able to attend your webinar today.  Great stuff! It was a confirmation for me about how my journey is unfolding.  A reminder about energy causing overwhelm and other unease was timely;  much appreciated!  Such a journey!

Your webinar also gave me some ideas on approaching what I refer to as “self-love” with clients.  It seems that maybe easing into it with a “How do you love your life?” exercise is worth exploring.  That may be less “shocking”?  I definitely have more to think about and explore….I appreciate you for getting that spark started.

K. Eagan

Certified Health Coach, Massachusetts

“Michelle helped me develop the confidence and trust in myself that I needed to fully embrace my Awakening. Her warmth and compassion help to trigger self healing and her knowledge and experience are invaluable tools. Thank you Michelle for being a ‘hand up’ though this experience!“

R. Ranke

Spiritual Healer, Medium & Channel, New York

“Great class on Sunday. I had a really nice meditation and Jamie came and visited- I also could see the energy between your hands sparking when you were demonstrating a healing to do for yourself when in the shower! It was very clear, and I was so happy I was perceiving with my eyes wide open! Also, when you did the group healing, and I was having that lovely meditation, I saw energy (perceived in my mind’s eye), a great big soft ball of gold light was being broken open and shared out to everyone in the room; then later silver light came at me and through me. It was really cool.”

D. Friedell

Minister, Teacher & Spiritual Director, New York

“What you are bringing to the general western cultural/industrial complex society mirrors so much of these other global wisdom traditions.  Hope you can do a series for the National Wellness Institute, what a grand idea to keep the energy moving… thanks.” 

M. Mullen

Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP), Alaska

“Hi Michelle, really enjoyed your presentation yesterday, during the meditation at the end I could feel Waves of Energy flowing thru the room….today I checked the vibration of the space and measured the energy level at 144 K L..during your presentation as well as for a time afterwards….a high vibration for sure and a Harmonic of the Speed of Light…3 times 144 is 432..once again revealing The Triune Nature of Healing with Divine Unconditional Love…I will be referring some clients of mine to you.”

T. Keys

Sanctioned Healer, New York

“I have had pleasure of working with Michelle and she has made amazing changes to my life. I have struggled with overwhelm and mental illness my entire life. After a few sessions, Michelle made it clear how to work on the things that were frustrating me and holding me back. I am living with a calmer disposition now and can truly enjoy my life and be present with my family. Thanks Michelle, you are a miracle worker!” 

M. Curry

Sales & Marketing Director, New York

“I really enjoyed the Expansion to Joy retreat this past Sunday. I took plenty of notes and I’ve typed them up to review. You know how this goes when one hears just what they needed to hear. Also, you did such a good job presenting, your kindness, toughness and humor comes through. I’m grateful and thankful. ” 

Stephanie Danial

Syracuse, NY

“Michelle, you are the real deal young lady. I am 60 years old, my husband 69. We spoke about you and the retreat yesterday. It was amazing to me. You have an authentic gift that needs to be shared. You are a treasure and I look forward to the next one.” 

Cheryl Corcoran

Utica, NY

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October 18, 2020

1pm-4pm EST | 10am-1pm PST

One ticket is only $40
Bring a friend –
Two tickets are $70 

You must purchase a ticket to attend this event.
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Attendees receive exclusive content not available for purchase or distribution. 



People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out but, when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


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