EXPANSION TO JOY provides a powerful introduction to awakening practices.

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Have you dealt with or are you ready to move beyond?

• Feeling drained, overwhelmed or disconnected
• Wearing masks to hide, protect or deny
• Feeling hurt, angry or disappointed
• Loss, grief or emotional trauma
• Struggle and self-sabotage

If you answered YES to any of the above then we’d like to invite you to the next EXPANSION TO JOY event coming to Central New York!

Expansion to Joy begins as a 2-hour event designed by Michelle J. Howe for heart-centered, intuitive women. This event speaks to the reality of challenges circling within and around us. We go deeper into the experiences and struggles of life, and how to navigate with a new awareness and trust in yourself.

Topics include:

• Energy & Energetic Sensitivity
• Thought, Intuition & Emotion
• Trauma, Truth & Transformation
• Relationship Strategies for Success
• Wisdom, Tools & Insights
• Awakening Meditation

Join Michelle and other like-minded women to learn powerful ways to create positive momentum for personal and professional change in your life. This event includes a blend of unique topics, amazing speakers, experientials, and a meditation to lighten your heart.

This event is designed for powerful women who value:

• Emotional Balance
• Authentic Relationships
• Personal Transformation
• Intuitive Development
• Honest Communications
• Finding Joy Within

In this 2-hour introductory event, you will receive guidance to:

• Speak your truth without apology
• Be honest and authentic without fear
• Lighten your heart for passion and vitality
• Listen and discern the voice of your intuition
• Identify limiting beliefs and stuck emotions

You will also receive:
• An MP3 recording of the live event
• BONUS: Soul Directives (PDF)

This event awakens, empowers and guides you to…….

know, like, listen, love and trust yourself and your soul’s directives. 

Reserve your seat NOW!

(limited seating available)

It’s time for personal power, energy awarenenss and inner connection.

To reserve your spot, you must purchase your ticket prior to the event.
Space is limited and registration will close once they are full. No exceptions or waiting lists.

Early bird price by March 22 – $35/person
Regular price after March 22 – $45/person
In-person attendees will receive exclusive content not available for purchase or distribution. 



Empaths walk among us as your child, brother, mother, sister or a friend. Empaths come at various levels of sensitivity and awareness. Empaths are you, me, and we.

Michelle J. Howe