Life As A Chameleon

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Life as a chameleon?!! Do YOU relate to this concept?

If you are an Empath, you most surely know exactly what I am saying here…

Whether you are brand spanking new to digesting the concept of being an Empath or you are somewhat seasoned at walking your journey, I am going to share my perception of how I now see myself functioning through life as a chameleon.

First off, I am an introvert.  Interestingly enough, I could always, for a certain period of time, be quite social and comfortable meeting new people. The funniest part is that nobody would guess that about me.   The truth is that I love my alone time and limit my time around people.    In truth, my preference has always been quality time with friends – one on one.

What used to happen when I went to a social function?  I would turn on the extrovert side of me.  I would  focus on one person at a time – those that intrigued and interested me.  In that moment, I was having fun learning and exploring without noticing anything more…  I was simply doing what I did naturally – listen, connect and explore another person.. Never in my wildest dreams did I think others would affect me…   In those days, I was not aware of energy – or energetic exchange.  Instead, I saw my shifting moods, anxiety or the feelings of being overwhelmed as some crazy annoying part of me that had no rhyme or reason.

Today, with my new knowledge and awareness of what it means to be an Empath, I notice myself doing fine in short term social situations and I enjoy myself.  Later on, or even the next day, I will feel drained or not quite myself.  Then, I sense myself going into my little cocoon to re-energize.

This way of function is typical Empath style and to notice the craze was an important ah ha moment for me!!

All this time, I had the ability to act, adjust and interact with many different types of people, loving each situation and bridging any differences between us.  This was an interesting ART for me and for many Empaths!  This was me – unconsciously – being a chameleon to facilitate soul connection with others.

There is an important additional point here to be made…

While I was always so busy, interested and intrigued to know others, I lost sight of one very important person.

Did you guess it yet?

I lost sight of getting to know ME.  Too ironic for an Empath to be too distracted and too busy helping others that there is no awareness of Self!

This, my friends, is the biggest craze of being an Empath. We become distracted by the outside world, confused or just plain inattentive to our own spirit – to know our own energy separate from others. Our little selves are so busy probing and bouncing from person to person (feeding us in some way). The result is that we deal with moodiness, anxiety or worse without an Awareness of Self separate from others.

I share this because it’s important to note the habits, choices and behaviors that can undermine your ability to live your best life. An Empath’s natural gifts and abilities require a maturity and dedication to consciously know, love and trust you.

You, as an Empath, blossom more fully when you engage yourself – your own thoughts, feelings, opinions, vibes and emotions. This is done by spending time alone to probe, inquire and learn. Additionally, you take notice of the differences in behaviors, words, thoughts and feelings that come your way before, during and after interacting with another. This depth of awareness becomes part and parcel of your unique Journey to Self.

Much Love, Michelle


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