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how to plainly see storylines causing the struggle

Storylines from your past create beliefs and emotions which to create chaos and sabotage in your present-day reality.  By re-visiting past experiences within a safe space and wider lens, you can “clear up” negatively charged emotions, gain wisdom that eases your mind, and revitalize your state of wellness. 

how to recognize patterns that keep you stuck

Negative patterns come from beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions that are false or skewed in some way.  These patterns work in the background- impacting what you manifest, what you do, and how you feel about yourself.  When you choose raw honesty and humility, you move beyond dynamics that keep you stuck. 

how to clear your body/mind so you can move forward

Clearing is made possible through practice and intention for sensing subtle energies, gaining new knowledge, and embracing multi-dimensional aspects of yourself.  As you develop your skills, you activate cellular healing to release stagnant energy, transmute negativity, and restore the joy-factor in your life. 

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Michelle J. Howe is the founder of Empath Evolution and the creator of an online community with over 3,600 members. She has developed over 80 training programs for organizations like TIAA-CREF, Insititute of Spiritual Development, National Wellness Institute, and Lily Dale Assembly.

Michelle has been interviewed on shows and summits that include Hangin With Web, SoulSpeaks 5D, Spirit Journey Radio, Mental Health Wellness, More Than Pink Ribbons, The Transformation Summit, and Evolutionary Conversations.

Years in public accounting, leadership roles, and holistic healing along with strong purpose, passion, and vision extend her career over several industries including entrepreneurship, consulting, financial strategy, training, speaking, spirituality, sensitivity, and empowerment.

Women Speakers Association: The Voice of the 21st Century

“Michelle helped connect the dots and moved me in the right direction.” ~Debbie Ferraro, Tennessee

“Years and years on my own would not have brought me to what hours with Michelle has.”  ~Stacy Davis, North Carolina

“Michelle put me on a path that has turned into the most amazing experience of my life. A thousand thank you’s aren’t enough.”  ~George Day, New York

“She shows ingenuity and courage in stating that feelings are the shadow of thinking.” ~Josie Cohen, Australia

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