Private Mentorship

Are You Ready to Eliminate What Disempowers You?

•  Stop feeling drained by negativity.
•  Navigate relationships with new success.
•  Live your truth with balance and confidence.
  Redefine success on your terms.
•  Eliminate insecurities and struggle.
•  Feel safe, healthy, and whole in your body.
•  Spot and eliminate the negativity.
•  Move away from worry, guilt, and shame.

•  Replace overwhelm with ease and flow.
•  Become the example that guides others.
•  Quiet your inner critic and skeptic.
•  Recognize and trust your intuition.
•  Address physical pain using subtle energy.
•  Release trauma, anger, and resentment.
•  Eliminate fear with unconditional love.
•  Embrace your spiritual gifts.

Michelle will teach you to trust your path, embrace your natural gifts, and upgrade skills to steady yourself and improve your life on every level.  In short order, you discover the joyful and expansive potentials that reside within you.


Work privately with Michelle for clarity, confidence, spiritual growth, personal development, and energy body activations. You also receive access to our signature program.

Transform your future by clearing triggers and patterns that create pain in your life.  You work closely with Michelle on storylines, perceptions, blind spots, and releasing what no longer serves you.  She guides you to embody your higher self and trust your intuition to move foward and assist others.

Your Benefits:

    • Uncover and clear emotional charges, distortions, and patterns that interfere with your success.
    • Eliminate mental and emotional drains in your life.
    • Achieve balance using new teachings and tools.
    • Release hidden fears, pain, and negativity.
    • New levels of trust and connection.
    • Enjoy harmony in relationships.
    • Activate your energy body.

If you’re ready to transform from the inside, click here to speak with Michelle today!