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Support your awakening with online programs...

We are always expanding our level of understanding with new tools, knowledge and wisdom on our unique journey.  Our online programs allow you to embrace spiritual and intuitive skills on your journey to emotional empowerment. These offerings allow you to tap into the sacred space of heart connection for transformation and healing. Each program’s goal is to balance and clear your energy field – to expand your mind and raise your vibration. You will advance your journey to Self – to shift you on many levels – with energy smarts tools, new knowledge and life wisdom – to empower you at home, at work and in relationships. These programs bring new freedom and flow into your life. The benefits are transformative!

What happens during an Online Program?

Online programs are recorded classes that you can listen to at home. There are different types of programs available to you. There is a 21-Day Empath Challenge that is pretty fun. There is also a 5-week program on Being An Empath along with a 12-week program on Embracing Your Path. These programs are fantastic. Your learning from each class is directly related to your focus and practice of concepts/tools. The programs provide a visual along with auditory source of teaching that are downloadable. Each class includes a summary document with guidance and tools to integrate in practice at home – relating to class teachings.