Awakening Bundle (6 Sessions, 2 Programs, 4 Months, Plus++)

$550.00 / month



This bundle provides an exclusive opportunity to work with Michelle J. Howe.  It includes six private sessions, email support over four months, online resources and recommendations, along with immediate access to two online programs within our library.  Private sessions are scheduled over 50 minutes, and conducted via online meeting, or telephone.

Michelle tunes into your stories, struggles, patterns and potentials.  She activates, teaches and guides you to intentionally manage your energy, tap into your greatest gifts, and stop the heavy drains and emotions that are negativity impacting the quality of your life.

You gain greater levels of awareness and discernment, feel more empowered, become more effective, increase your performance, and stop experiencing the drag from people dynamics. You have left over energy at the end of the day to pursue your interests and, spend time with your family.

You receive immediate access to two online programs within our library.   We recommend the 21-Day Empath Challenge Program and our Embracing Your Path Program (12-module, self-study program).

What You Can Get

This bundle offering helps in many ways…

Below are some potentials and possibilities for you:

– Learning to navigate beyond the negativity in the world.
New awareness skills.
– Dealing with challenging relationship dynamics in your life.
Feel your own success.
– Techniques to clear and heal past traumas, pains and blocks.
Connect to your energetic body
– Transmute negative energies and emotions.
Open your heart chakra to unconditional love of self.
– Understand your unique role, gifts and journey as an Empath.
Become your own guru.
– Learn about your energetic body and the energy centers. – Strengthen your aura.
– Listen and flow with your highest guidance.
Remember WHO you are at a core level.
– Trust and love yourself.
Step forward with true confidence.


Subscription Details

An installment payment plan in available for this offering if you would prefer to pay over four months.

This would be a 120-day commitment. Your account will be billed automatically monthly on the following payment schedule.

At checkout $550.00 USD
Every 4 weeks  550.00 USD
Total $2,200.00 USD

* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.