Awakening Bundle (Embracing Your Path Program w/ 12 Modules & 6 Empowerment Sessions)

$340.00 / month

This special bundle brings healing vibrations, tools and wisdom to support you long-term on your awakening journey.  



Our AWAKENING BUNDLE includes six laser-focused Empowerment Sessions – which are 50-minute, high vibrational sessions to guide your healing journey along with the Embracing Your Path Self-Study Program with twelve modules and at-home directives for integration.  The sessions and program are appropriate for those ready to absorb and learn at deeper levels – seekers of higher knowledge.  Empowerment Sessions are typically scheduled flexibly semi-weekly  and conducted by phone, Zoom or Skype. Each session includes a pre-session preparation and follow up communication.  Sessions may include clearing your energetic field – a short or longer healing aspect.


What You Can Get

This bundle offering helps in many ways…

Below are some potentials and possibilities for you:

– Learning to navigate beyond the negativity in the world. – New awareness skills.

– Dealing with challenging relationship dynamics in your life. – Feel your own success.

– Techniques to clear and heal past traumas, pains and blocks. – Connect to your energetic body

– Transmute negative energies and emotions. – Open your heart chakra to unconditional love of self.

– Understand your unique role, gifts and journey as an Empath. – Become your own guru.

– Learn about your energetic body and the energy centers. – Strengthen your aura.

– Listen and flow with your highest guidance. – Remember WHO you are at a core level.

– Trust and love yourself. – Step forward with true confidence.


Subscription Details

All awakening sessions are a 90 day commitment. Your account will be billed automatically monthly on the following payment schedule.

At checkout $340.00 USD
Every 4 weeks  $340.00 USD
Total $1,020.00 USD

* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.