Awakening Pack (Eleven Classes)


Our Awakening Pack includes 11 high-vibrational metaphysical and healing topics for immediate learning.  



Our Awakening Pack includes 11 individual MP3 files – each 1.5 hours or more in duration.
1.  The Journey of Awakening – Learn the various and unique experiences that trigger our individual and collective awakening process.
2.  Being An Empath – Learn about the 30 traits that uniquely impact your life.  It’s important to understand the inherent strengths, purpose and potentials that are part and parcel to being an Empath.
3.  The Life & Role of An Empath – Gain a higher perspective of your sensitivity and capacity to step forward beyond traditional roles to serve with a divine purpose.  Embrace your path to joyful expansion.
4.  Becoming A Skilled Empath – Begin to understanding the energetic exchanges and realities that are part of your daily life by learning new concepts and practices to master your own energy.
5.  Managing Our Gifts – Embrace specific insights to lighten your path ahead.
6.  Terms & Vocabulary For Empaths – Basic to advanced terms and vocabulary for those who would like more clarity or are just beginning their journey of awakening.
7.  The Wise Empath – Tools, practices and insights to help navigate your life with wisdom, depth and joy.
8.  The Path and Process of Self-Healing – Gain understanding, knowledge and tools to guide your path.
9.  Developing Intuitive Gifts – Tune into your primary and strongest intuitive gifts of clairsentience and claircognizance – along with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy.
10.  Keys to Creating, Flowing & Manifesting – Learn the art of flowing and noticing what interferes and challenges your ability to create the life you desire.
11.  Life Choices, Contracts & Agreements – Learn the metaphysical concepts and laws that affect the lives we are living here on Earth along with significance and purpose of soul contracts and agreements.