Being an Empath (Five Modules)


Strategies, Tools and Insights On Your Journey



BEING AN EMPATH is a strong program for energetically sensitive individuals at a beginning or intermediate stage of development. The program provides insights, guidance and tools for empowered living. The energy exchange is transformative. The program includes 5 recordings with over 7 hours of high vibrational teachings in downloadable MP3 files along with 5 documents with directives for integration. We recommend you listen to one recording per week or at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

Program teachings are outlined below:

Module 1             Self-Awareness and Polarity of Truths
Module 2             Heart Surrender and Using You Body
Module 3             Compassionate Response and Heart Expansion
Module 4             Unraveling Threads and Energetic Support
Module 5             Energetic Clearing and Creative Visualizations