Embrace Your Path Plus BrightLight Library (Mastermind)

$280.00 / month



EMBRACE YOUR PATH is a monthly mastermind that guides, teaches, challenges, and inspires you to surrender heavy vibrations and step into health, harmony, purpose, easy, and flow.

This mastermind is designed for professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are open and heart-centered – who wish to release negative patterns, emotional pain, and stop feeling drained by drama in their life.

Topics we explore include – 

  • Life Wisdom
  • The Mystic Within
  • Speak Your Truth
  • Eliminate the Drain
  • Storylines & Patterns
  • Love & Light Within
  • Emotional Empowerment
  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Your Unique Personality 
  • Clearing Your Energy Body
  • Relationship Realignment
  • Biggest Life Lessons

Individual results vary as each participant moves forward at their own pace.

Results include-

  • Notice lightness in your step as you clear heavy energies.
  • Activate new codes for transformative light expansion.
  • Move through change and challenges without overwhelm.  
  • Embody strength and achieve balance from within.
  • Gain confidence in managing emotions and negativity.
  • Know your truth and speak with more conviction.
  • Establish a new relationship with truth, ease, and flow.
  • Eliminate thoughts, patterns, and dynamics that drain you. 
  • Improve the way you navigate relationships.
  • How to truly step into unconditional love.
  • Move beyond drama and chaos to inner peace.
  • Step into deeper understanding and discernment.

Each month includes:

  • Focused monthly teachings, worksheets, and introspection.
  • Bi-weekly meetings to review topic and ask questions.
  • Mini-Private Session (20 minutes) with Michelle.
  • BrightLight Academy online library of teachings.
  • Use the Healthy Oneness Formula.

This mastermind reaches you with online zoom meetings on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.  These are scheduled at 2pm Eastern, 7pm England (UTC), 1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, and 11am Pacific.  Each meetings will be recorded and made available to those who may miss these meetings. 

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Subscription Details

This mastermind is a monthly commitment. Your account will be billed $280 automatically each month.

*You can cancel this subscription with 30 days of notice to michelle@empathevolution.com.