Empowerment Plus BrightLights Library (Monthly)

$480.00 / month



Empowerment with Michelle provides you with two private sessions/per month along with access to BrightLight Academy teachings, personalized directives, and unlimited email support.

Each private session is 60-minutes in length and conducted via online meeting or telephone.  It includes pre-session updates to Michelle, follow-up email feedback, and a recording of the session.

Michelle listens carefully to determine the energy variations and charged emotions that need clearing.  She listens to you storylines and struggles.  She teaches you to intentionally release what no longer serve you, to activate your strengths and gifts, and to move beyond fears and resistance.

Your life transforms in many ways as you gain greater levels of awareness, insight, and discernment. You feel more empowered, become more effective, and stop experiencing the drain of negativity. Your confidence strengthens as you truly begin seeing the big picture, using discernment skills, and trusting yourself.

If you would like to expedite your transformation, empowerment sessions are available on a weekly basis. Click here to schedule a time to speak with us.  Learn more today!

Subscription Details

Empowerment with Michelle is a monthly commitment. Your account will be billed automatically.

*To cancel these sessions, we require a 30-day written notice to michelle@empathevolution.com.