Mentorship Sessions Plus BrightLight Academy Library (Quarterly)

$1,020.00 / 3 months



MENTORSHIP SESSIONS provide you with the opportunity to work once a month “in-depth” with Michelle J. Howe.  You will receive guidance, teachings, directives, recommendations, and unlimited email support.

Each mentorship session is 120-minutes in length and conducted via online meeting or telephone.  Each session includes a pre-session updates to Michelle and follow-up recommendations with your session recording.

Michelle determines what you are learning and what you know – then guides you to advance forward – past blind spots – teaching you higher level energy skills to assist in your personal evolution.  She will listen to your struggles – noticing your strengths and storylines. She will teach you to intentionally release what no longer serve you, activate your spiritual gifts, and move beyond fear and resistance.

Results vary by person.  Your life transforms in powerful ways as you gain greater levels of awareness, insight, and discernment. You will feel more empowered, become more effective, and stop experiencing the drain of negativity. Your confidence strengthens as you being seeing the bigger picture, using discernment skills, and trust yourself above others.

Subscription Details

This mentorship is a quarterly commitment. Your account will be billed $680 automatically at the 90 days mark.

*You can cancel this subscription with 30 days notice to