Empowerment Sessions (3 Sessions)




Empowerment Sessions provide an exclusive opportunity for you to work with Michelle J. Howe.  You receive three sessions, guidance, directives, recommendations and email support during out time working together.  Each sessions is scheduled over 50 minutes, and conducted via online meeting, or telephone.

During an Empowerment Session, Michelle tunes into your stories, struggles, patterns and potentials.  She activates, teaches and guides you to intentionally manage your energy, tap into your greatest gifts, and clear density and resistance on your spiritual path.

You gain greater levels of awareness, insight and discernment. You feel more empowered, become more effective, and stop experiencing the drag from people dynamics.  You improve the quality of your life – enjoying left over energy at the end of your day for personal interests and time with family.

What You Can Get

Empowerment Sessions help you embrace your greatest gift…

What might you learn?
– Awareness and discernment skills.
– Advance your spiritual connection.
– Clear and activate your energetic body.
– Strengthen your heart chakra.
– Gain new insight and understanding.
– Remember WHO you are at a core level.
– Step forward with new confidence.
– Release trauma and limiting beliefs.
– Stop absorbing negativity.
– Stabilize your moods.