Expansion to Joy (Retreat)


Expand your mind, strengthen your heart and love your life by claiming your feelings, releasing emotional pain, and embracing your evolution.



Are you ready to go deeper, be true to yourself and, live your most authentic life?

This 3-hour mini-retreat (intensive) is for “feelers” who uplift and support others yet, end their days feeling negatively impacted by the drama around them.  You learn about your unique path – to embody power, strength, and love without condition.

Topics include –

• Energetic Sensitivity
• Thought, Intuition & Emotion
• Trauma, Truth & Transformation
• Relationship Success Strategies
• Clearing Tools & Techniques
• Feeling Your Energy Body

You also receive –

• Training Manual
• Clearing Your Energy (Bonus)

It’s time to claim your feelings, release emotional pain, and embrace your evolution so you can wake up more energized, less stressed, and say “yes” to your needs… without feeling guilt or shame!

You have lifetime access to this 3-hour retreat with a training manual, meditation, and a bonus gift.