Journey to Awakening I (Live Training)


An empowerment program that educates and guides you to explore your own place in the world, release emotional pain, and enjoy success from inner connection.



This empowerment program provides a unique opportunity to learn with Michelle J. Howe.  The program is designed for those who uplift others yet, find themselves mentally drained or emotionally exhausted.  Participants are ready to understand empathy and energy dynamics, achieve success on the inside, and improve the quality of their life.  They learn to live the feeling they desire, release what no longer serves them, and enjoy a greater sense of connection within themselves and outside relationships.

This program will guide and teach you to raise your vibration and become more conscious of your truest desires.   You will learn to:

  • Protect your energy
  • Strengthen your heart
  • Embrace, trust and flow
  • Eliminate energy drains
  • Remove toxic relationships
  • Recognize inner truth
  • Clear limiting beliefs
  • Release stuck energy
  • Surrender and receive
  • Raise your vibration
  • Process your emotions

The program is taught over 6 month within 1 private session, 3 modules of live teachings – a total of 18 classes, 18 worksheet, 3 bonus sessions.  You also get to participate in our 5-hour virtual retreat called Expansion to Joy.  You will enjoy meditations, a private community, and email support.  Payment plans are available.