Self-Healing for Empaths – Part 2

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In the first blog article to this series of three on self-healing for Empaths, I shared my perspective of how humans are functioning.  This is what I wrote:

“Most people seem to lead their lives based on the avoidance of some perceived fear OR always with an element of expectation.  Fear paralyzes and expectation most assuredly results in disappointment.  Additionally, many of us operate with closed hearts to protect us.  Others have beliefs that are laden with judgement, self-doubt or worse.  Any and all of these ways we function do not help and essentially hurt us.  And yes, there is more to this puzzle.   ALL of this craze is at play here while we function in a human body. “

Is there a better way to function?  Yes and absolutely.  

What does the path of self-healing look like?  First of all, it is a journey and we begin where we are and learn to embrace a steady pace of change because “Rome was not built in a day!”  I need to insert some humor to help us be humble and light about what is ahead.  In the end, self-healing is a path and a process we follow that impacts our lives considerably.  Mostly, we change from the inside out and others may not even realize the depths of our transformation as we move away from certain individuals or ways of functioning.  The whole deal is a process of going within to (1) change our thinking and belief; (2) release and heal emotions; (3) nourish and know your Self at soul level; (4) connect to your body more fully; (5) mirror higher consciousness; and (6) embrace unconditional love.

What does the process of self-healing look like?

1.  We find a way to quiet our mind.  There are many ways to accomplish this and it takes practice and more practice.  Basically, our mind is just a computer that goes over the same junk time and time again like a broken record.  Most of us have a brain that has not been trained to shut down, though.  This computer can easily get overwhelmed with too much info which results in a headache, migraine, anxiety or worse.   A busy, busy mind can also keep us anxiously awake at night instead of asleep.  So, it becomes extremely important for us to consistently shut down our mind to help us rejuvenate and re-balance.

2.  Realize that solutions and guidance come from spirit messages via the mind as a knowing or an extra special surge of high level energy.  Most would agree that our brilliant ideas do just ‘pop into our mind’ when we choose to write or create some time to for quiet focus.  I do understand it is a bit tricky to differentiate intellectually between the brilliance of our mind via spirit messages versus a regular thought.   You will see that thoughts from spirit are energizing, positive and new.  Regular thoughts are not necessarily positive, no high energy surge and are simply a rehash of old thoughts.  The higher thoughts of spirit are clear while the regular thoughts leave us cloudy and down.

3.  We have learned to consistently quiet our mind and connect with our soul essence or energy.  We begin develop a more intimate and deeper sense of who we are at a core level.  This is a HUGE step in helping one with self-healing.   We then start looking deeper at situations and relationships in our lives.   In this step, we are sparked to embrace and feel unconditional love for ONE Self.  There is no judgement but acceptance and understanding.  This is when many people begin to develop a relationship and trust in guidance.  This connection helps us feel empowered to trust and lead our journey.

4.  Differentiating each aspect of our Self is an important point of awakening for each of us.  I like the concept of looking at our Self with three aspects:  “Me, MySelf and I.”  I discovered this truth affecting me and subsequently us, in my early teens.  The idea is that each is different part of us with a different voice.  We find our center when all three of these aspects of self gently support one another to work as ONE person.

“Me” is what we show the world is us.  “Me” has a strong ego, a powerful voice and a lot of personality.   “Me” is our identity that is accepted by family, friends and society.  “Me” likes to think it is in charge. “Me” is often simply listening to a strong mind without awareness or regard for input from “MySelf” or “I”.

“MySelf” is what exists within us that we do not necessarily want to show the world.  This includes our insecurities, secrets, lesser thoughts and hidden emotions.  This aspect of us makes “Me” feel vulnerable.   This aspect of Self does not feel powerful and, it remains quiet because it fears judgment or rejection from “Me” or others.  “MySelf” is often ignore by “Me” which inevitably leads to self-sabotage.

“I” is the voice of unconditional love and support that does not judge, but helps one feel accepted and loved.  This aspect of self observes and is quiet compared to the other two aspects.  “I” helps “Me” when the things do not go according to plan.  “I” also soothes and uplifts “MySelf” when this aspect needs tender loving and care.  This aspect of self is the SOUL within us waiting to be known.  This aspect of Self is truly the voice that needs to lead us.  This aspect of Self is the quiet guidance and wisdom within us waiting to be noticed.  Those of us awake realize this is a powerful aspect of our Self!

Are your three aspects aligned to support one another???   Yes, no, maybe or sometimes are your options here.

More on this topic to be continued please read Self-Healing for Empaths – Part 3.

Much Love, Michelle


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