Self-Healing for Empaths – Part 3

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In the first two blog articles in this series of three on self-healing for Empaths, I covered a few ways most people do not effectively function at their highest potential. Empath or not, this is how I see most people functioning:

“Most people seem to lead their lives based on the avoidance of some perceived fear OR always with an element of expectation.  Fear paralyzes and expectation most assuredly results in disappointment.  Additionally, many of us operate with closed hearts to protect us.  Others have beliefs that are laden with judgements, self-doubt or worse.  Any and all of these ways we function do not help and essentially hurt us.  And yes, there is more to this puzzle.   ALL of this craze is at play here while we function in a human body.”

I also went over the first four steps that are part and parcel to the self-healing process for Empaths.  Below is a short summary of the first four steps:

1.  Train your mind to stop, be quiet or shut it down.
2.  Recognize the brilliance of our mind via Spirit communication versus repeat nonsense thoughts.
3.  Develop a more intimate and deeper sense of who we are at a core level.
4.  Differentiate and develop an awareness of each aspect of Self.

The remaining steps on this journey of self-healing are:

5.   Monitoring of thoughts and our thinking about everything and anything.  This means all thoughts, whether verbalized or not, that play to say something in our mind need to be brought forward and noticed.  This monitoring helps us become aware of the programming which directs the functioning of Self.  This step is a process that helps us take notice, understand, and correct the way our mind is programmed to function in the world. Remember, write and observe with no judgment.

6. Take notice how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically on a daily basis.  Experiment with changing your moods via outside stimuli such as music, activity, clothing, people and relationships in our lives.  This step is an important step because we start to become aware of our self as energetic beings.  We become aware of what helps or hurts us.  Also, we start tuning in deeper to our energy bodies and then learning to understand our functioning at a different level.   This is where we embrace energy concepts and learn about the chakras, energy centers and meridians.  This is where we learn to heal using energy medicine techniques.  This is where we develop skills to decipher energy exchanges and read people, place or things.  We observe, tune in and energy skills in this stage of development.  Writing our journey in this stage helps immensely.

7.  Here we are learning and advancing while “paying attention” to observe.   We write and re-read our discoveries from our experiences and relationships.  We are writing to help us gain knowledge, insights or awareness of patterns.  In this step, we are also learning to engage our own higher mind for guidance.  Focus on our Self as the responsible rock star versus other people.  Take notice of situations that result in an emotional reaction within us.  These emotions need to be understood, felt and released.  It is very important to release emotion which is done most easily by feeling them.   Emotions that are bottled up or repressed leave us with imprints that re-surface to affect us at a future time.  These imprints most noticeably show themselves when we emotionally react to people or situations.  In this step, we simply allow, acknowledge and feel ALL emotions, whether you like them or not.  This simple and important step allows us to release emotions.

8.  The next step is forgiveness of Self or others.  We must be big enough to understand that people’s actions come from their own pain and wounds. Nothing people do is about us! The behavior or action of others is truly a reflection of their themselves.  The real priority and motivation for others is always internal to their own self.  Nobody behaves or acts in certain ways because they are driven to hurt us.  When we feel injured, rejected or hurt by another it is most important to stop blaming them and instead look within our Self at our response to the situation.  The question is “Why are we taking things so personally?”  There are a ton of reasons why we do this but, for now just ask and see what answers come.  Often, I see people buying into a lesser story of themselves.  I see self-blame, regret, fear and worse.  And, it may be true that someone did something intentionally to hurt you.  The questions are: Is this YOUR fault?  Do you deserve this treatment?  Whatever the situation, we are not a lesser person, a victim, or worse!  Your job is to stop believing the garbage many perceive or are being manipulated to believe.  The whole situation is here to help you/me/us remember our inner strength and divine nature.  The whole situation continues and is present till we respond appropriately and in our highest interest.

9.  Last point to you here, perspective is key.  Change your perspective, change everything.  In this way, our whole world can change when we re-wire our thinking and release emotions that left imprints within us.  We direct this change from within every step of the way.  When we know better, we do better!! A positive perspective in even the worst situation can be a life saver.  Plus, everything comes down to how we naturally respond to life, situations and people.  We are never victims or powerless unless we choose to believe this is truth.  It is important  to note, we do not control life.  Yet and still, we have a choice every step of the way and the power to rewrite or rescript anything that does not serve us.

Alright – all done writing for now!!  The easiest part is reading – the hard part is our day to day.    And, this is a ton for us to truly implement on our life journey.  I will be putting small groups together to help Empaths who want guidance through this journey. Please remember to be patient and expect change to happen one little step at a time.  Many times we need to be totally dismantled and then put back together!!! And, I have seen this journey first hand in myself and others.  Please note that all I write here is part and parcel of my perspective on the Empath’s journey to self-healing and transformation.

Much Love, Michelle  


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