Private Sessions

PRIVATE SESSIONS are done over the phone, Zoom or Skype. During your session, we tune into you – your stories, struggles and experiences to determine what knowledge, tools and techniques will be most helpful.  We meet you where you are and move you forward at a pace that ensures your success.  We are here to share spiritual and intuitive guidance on your healing journey.   Our work is done within a sacred space of heart connection. During your session, our focus is to balance and clear your energy field – to expand your mind and raise your vibration.  Our intention is always to advance you on your journey to Self – to shift you on many levels – with energy smarts tools, new knowledge and life wisdom – to empower you at home, at work and in relationships.

Private sessions happen over one to three months. There is email support during our time together. Before each session, you send us a summary of what’s happening with you. After each session, we send you a summary of recommendations to integrate into your life.  Energy healing or clearing may also be part of your session.


If you would like to speak to us privately, click here to schedule a private conversation with us.