A Special Bundle For You

This Special Bundle includes both the self-study program Embracing Your Path AND 6 Private One-On-One Awakening Sessions 

Embracing Your Path Program

EMBRACING YOUR PATH is an awesome program for inquisitive minds ready to embrace higher levels of consciousness.  This program teaches spiritual laws, energy smart tools, intuitive development and self-healing on your journey. Each class provides unique teachings to fully integrate into your life. The program is expansive and transformative in many ways.  The program includes twelve classes with over fifteen hours of high vibrational teachings in downloadable MP3 files along with twelve documents with directives and links for integration. We recommend you listen to one class per week. This program helps you raise your vibration, heal your heart and expand your mind. 

Program features

Class  1: Stages, struggles and process of awakening.
Focus:  Energetic Universe

Class  2: Energy flows are electrical and magnetic.
Focus: Law of Balance

Class  3: Responsibility, free will and destiny.
Focus: Law of Choices

Class  4: New levels of persistence, patience & discipline.
Focus: Law of Process

Class  5: Pitfalls and energy drains to avoid.
Focus: Law of Presence

Class  6: Deeper dives into perspectives, judgment and polarity.
Focus: Law of Compassion

Class  7: Navigate with purpose, trust and awareness.
Focus:  Law of Faith

Class  8: New insights for manifesting in your creative process.
Focus:  Law of Expectation

Class  9: Embrace spiritual authority and intention.
Focus: Law of Integrity

Class 10: Balance your energy vibration of doing and being.
Focus: Law of Action & Cycles

Class 11: Remove attachment and resistance.
Focus: Law of Surrender

Class 12: Move into higher vibrations of unity consciousness.
Focus:  Law of Unity

Awakening Sessions

AWAKENING SESSIONS are laser-focused one-hour, high vibrational sessions to guide your healing journey.  These sessions are most appropriate for those ready to absorb and learn at deeper levels – seekers of higher knowledge.  The sessions are conducted by phone, Zoom or Skype. Each session includes pre-session preparation, follow up communication and introspective assignments.   Once we begin working together, we could choose to dedicate some time to clearing your energetic field – a short healing aspect as part of your session.  These sessions are scheduled bi-weekly over three months and include six sessions.


$340/month for 3 months

Embracing Your Path Self-Study Program
12 Modules (mp3s & files) for Expansion & Healing

6  One-to-One Awakening Sessions
One Hour Sessions by Phone or Skype

Email support for 4 months


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