Negativity Comes From Fear. Transform Your Energy to Love

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What goes around comes around, as they say. When you accept negative energy without awareness, you will be impacted physically as well as mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Without the skills to recognize, separate yourself, or release this negativity, you may find yourself forwarding it to other people. 

Holding or sending negativity to others allows a vicious cycle to continue. 

We are, in the end, all one.

Fortunately, there are ways to lighten your energy, become more positive, and step into actions that enrich your life.  When you do this, you lighten and empower yourself and others on this planet. 

Negativity is present with:

    • Sarcasm
    • Hopelessness
    • Judgement
    • Skepticism
    • Gossip

Some people become stuck in negative patterns that “feast” on drama, blame, shame, fear, or worse.  

Negativity is contagious and toxic.

When faced with it, you will either be dragged along with it, or you can learn to separate yourself entirely and be skilled with your engagement.  Keep in mind, you cannot control another person and you may have little control of the situation.  You control only your response.  

When you hear or notice negativity around you, what is the feeling in you?
What is the feeling around you?  What do you sense in your body?
Did your emotions or mood take a downward shift?

An additional step that helps you grow and release through awareness includes:

Asking yourself:
“Are these feelings or physical sensations mine?”

If the answer is no, ask yourself:
“Whose are they?”


It’s important for you to understand that heavy vibrations or negativity come from a myriad of sources within yourself and other people.  When you take a pragmatic approach, you begin to notice subtle changes and learn from each experience. You begin to more fully understand yourself and others.

To be less vulnerable, you must strengthen by embodying higher vibrations.

When you do things because you have to do them – not because you want to – you can become disappointed and resentful within yourself – more negative.  When you chase and push for what you want instead of allowing life to unfold as is necessary – you give negativity a seat at your table. 

You must understand the behavior of another without blaming them for being imperfect – for hurting or disappointing you.


You learn one step at a time.
You release what doesn’t serve you.
You heal with acceptance and understanding.

When you are trapped or overwhelmed by negativity, you stop listening to your body.

Your body hears everything and tunes into those thoughts as feelings.

The physical body will provide you with signals that something is off or wrong. Many times, these signals are ignored or missed all together. A recurring pain, chronic fatigue, and sickness may signal that you did not stand by your truth, inadvertently took on negativity, and have failed to protect yourself.

What Can Be Done To Release Negativity?

Begin to release negativity using the following practices:
Sunbathing; Epsom Salt Baths; Exercise; Meditation; or Time in Nature.

These activities elevate you on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Finding a community, a guide or a coach to walk you through these energetic nuances, noticing what needs to be released or learned, and putting an end to a negative storyline, are additional tools to empower yourself. 

Refusing to accept negativity within yourself or others – begins your Journey to Self – liberates you of pain and leads to inner peace and joy. 

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