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Feelings, Truth & Loving Your Life

Access this 1-hour webinar training to learn…

•  Foundational truths to loving your life.
•  Four myths that sabotage happiness.
•  My favorite way to diffuse negativity.
•  How to clear your energy body.

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Emotional Empowerment

Do you struggle with certain people, emotions or anxiety? Do you want to fine-tune your emotional intelligence?  Watch this training to…

–  Stabilize your moods
–  Calm emotional waters
–  Release dysfunctional relationships

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Energetic Awareness

Are you ready to recognize, understand and manage the invisible dynamics that are negatively impacting your life?  Join me to explore “the ways of energy” – to spot what drains you, eliminate dysfunctions, and strengthen yourself. 

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Expansion to Joy

Are you ready to go deeper, be true to yourself and, live your most authentic life?  In this expansive training, you learn about your unique path – to embody power, strength, and love without condition.

Topics include –

• Energetic Sensitivity
• Thought, Intuition & Emotion
• Trauma, Truth & Transformation
• Relationship Success Strategies
• Clearing Tools & Techniques
• Feeling Your Energy Body

You also receive –

• Training Manual
• Clearing Your Energy (Bonus)

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Energetic Sensitivity - August 29, 2021


Do you secretly struggle with your emotions and moods?
Do you enjoy spending time alone and avoid crowds?
Do you deal with anxiety and overwhelm?

If those questions resonate with you in some way, then, it’s time to navigate your path to emotional empowerment.

This 3-hour workshop is designed to teach you about energy and energetic sensitivity – the foundational truths, insights, and tools. The workshop includes guided meditations for activating and clearing the energy body. You will gain an understanding of energetic sensitivity, learn tools and techniques for energetic mastery, and strengthen your energetic body.

In this program, you will learn:

  • The innate gifts and struggles of being energetically sensitive;
  • To understand the dynamics of energy and energetic connection;
  • To address the inner skeptic, heavy emotions, and negativity.
  • To set clear energetic boundaries within relationships.

August 29, 2021 from 2pm-5pm

Lily Dale Assembly Hall
5 Melrose Place
Lily Dale, NY 14752, USA

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