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Sacred Circles

Specialized training and mentorship with a membership community of like-minded seekers, feelers, and empaths.  We focus on strengthening your sense of inner connection, sharing tools to empower you, prioritizing your spiritual development, and other perks.

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Feelings, Truth, & Loving Your Life

Access this free webinar training to learn…

•  Foundational truths to loving your life.
•  Four myths that sabotage happiness.
•  My favorite way to diffuse negativity.
•  How to clear your energy body.

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Emotional Empowerment

An online training hosted by the SOUL Center on February 17, 2021. Michelle will spotlight the role of emotions and how to eliminate key dynamics that negatively impact you. You will learn to stabilize your moods, calm the emotional waters, and release dysfunction within relationships. In conclusion, Michelle answers your most personal questions.

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Energetic Awareness

This free masterclass is coming live to you on March 20, 2021.  Michelle explains the language of energy, how it can drain you, along with specific insights and tools to empower you.  It’s time you learned to recognize, understand, and manage those invisible dynamics that can negatively impact you.

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Journey To Awakening

This six-month empowerment program begins in May 2021. The program goes deep to nourish and activate your sense of inner connection as you master an understanding of energy dynamics and create a new and improved way of being. Participants are guided to embrace, know, like and understand themselves for emotional freedom.

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Energetic Sensitivity

This 3-hour empowerment workshop on August 28, 2021 at Lily Dale Assembly teaches you about energy and energetic sensitivity – the truths, insights, and tools to understand this gift. The interactive workshop includes a guided meditation for activating and clearing the energy body.

Topic and teachings include:

– Basic to advanced principles;
– Techniques for energetic mastery;
– Strengthening your energetic body;
– Understanding the journey.

You will learn tools to:

– Address your inner skeptic
– Eliminate challenging relationships;
– Release heavy emotions and raise your energy;
– Clear and strengthen your energy field;
– And much more..

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Expansion To Joy

This awakening retreat is scheduled on October 23, 2021.  Michelle’s intention is to expand your level of consciousness and awareness. The retreat is interactive and experiential – presenting on a variety of key topics and tools that empower you to live your best life.

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