Private Packages, Training, Healing, Plus

You can work directly with Michelle J. Howe within private sessions with an abundance of guidance, teachings, healing vibrations, email support, resources and recommendations.  In addition, you receive benefit from access to her private healing circles. 

Private sessions are scheduled over 50 minutes, and conducted via online meeting, or telephone. Michelle tunes into your stories, struggles, patterns and potentials.  She activates, teaches and guides you to intentionally manage your energy, tap into your greatest gift, and succeed in the world without draining yourself.  

You gain greater levels of awareness and discernment, feel more empowered, become more effective, increase your performance, and stop experiencing the drag from people dynamics. You have left over energy at the end of the day to pursue your interests and, spend time with your family.

Some benefits and results from working directly with Michelle include: 

•  Stop absorbing negativity.
•  Gain new awareness.
•  Release toxic relationship dynamics.
  Redefine success on your terms.
•  Clear past traumas, pains and blocks.
•  Activate your energetic body.
•  Transmute negative, heavy emotions.
•  Lighten your heart and clear your mind.

•  Embrace your greatest gift.
•  Become your own guru.
•  Tune into your energy body.
•  Strengthen your aura.
•  Listen, flow and allow.
•  Remember WHO you are.
•  Trust and love yourself.
•  Step into powerful connection. 


What Clients Are Saying . . .

As I worked with Michelle, I began improving and embracing aspects of myself.

I originally came in wanting to focus on straightening up my relationships with others, but as I worked with Michelle I began improving and embracing aspects of myself. Since I have started working with her, I have become much more self-appreciating and have come to accept aspects of me that I had previously rejected. I found that it is hard to allow anyone else to accept me when I couldn’t even accept myself. She has helped me to accept who I am without the self-criticism, to challenge limiting thoughts and really recognize and appreciate all the good that is within me. I feel that her “little homework assignments” were some of the most helpful things that I have ever done because they really forced me to reflect, visualize and change. I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me!!

– Jaymie, New York

I realized that I had been suffering for a very long time trying to “manage” my sensitivity…  

I came to a point in my life where I knew I was different from others in my level of sensitivity. I had heard Michelle speak before and after looking her up and reading her information on being an empath, I realized that I had been suffering for a very long time trying to “manage” my sensitivity and not understanding that I can embrace this gift and learn how work with it to live my life to its fullest potential. Working on an individual basis with Michelle helped me to heal from past experiences and see my patterns and why they were showing up in my life. Michelle is emotionally supportive and also a no-nonsense knowledgeable guide that CAN help you on your own path. I’m grateful to have worked with her and to have her as a confidant and now friend. Michelle is a blessing to all in the work that she does and the awareness that she is creating! ​

– Julie, New York

Michelle’ Mentorship opened up my world.  I learned all about my body and how…

Michelle’s Mentorship opened up my world. I learned all about my body and how I process emotions both that are mine and those coming from others. Simple things such as self love and feeling the love of others was a struggle. The exercises including the meditations have been pivotal in moving forward and living the life I want. Michelle guided me through all of this as my life was falling apart and as I put it back together. She has been a fantastic mentor and friend. Meeting her has allowed me to change for the better. The variety of information she teaches is valuable. There is always something new and interesting to learn which is customized for you in that particular moment. Working with her has been a great experience. Thank you. ​

– Mark, New York

Years and years on my own would not have brought to me what hours with her has… 

 I am so grateful that my growth and awakening has brought to me such an enlightened soul willing to reach out with open arms. Michelle has, in the most authentic and down to earth way, helped to clear blockages, created a better understanding of how to translate and process what I feel, and opened me to a space full of peace and much more softness. I am content with the now and hopeful of what’s yet to come! If you are reading this it likely was meant for you. My very first conversation with Michelle Howe was like going home, finally. It is amazing to speak with someone that can explain me…years and years on my own would not have brought to me what hours with her has. She will forever be one of my teachers.

– Stacy, North Carolina

I’ve also suffered a lot of trauma and abuse in my life and spent plenty of time in therapy, which only got me so far.

I began to work with Michelle in March of this year, I was deep into grieving for my wife who passed unexpectedly in November, I’ve also suffered a lot of trauma and abuse in my life and spent plenty of time in therapy, which only got me so far. Working with Michelle and the personalized guidance and tools she has given me I am now in a completely different place, my whole perspective has changed, I have more clarity about the gifts I didn’t realize I had and I’m on a path of inner healing that is turning into the most amazing experience of my life, a thousand thank you’s aren’t enough. Thank you Michelle.

– George Day, New York City