It’s time to move beyond whatever challenges you!

Workshops share concepts, practices and healing vibrations for personal empowerment and transformation.


Emotional Empowerment

Do you struggle with your emotions or anxiety? Would you like to enjoy emotional balance?

Michelle J. Howe will speak to you about energy and the emotional dynamics that come into play to positively or negatively impact your life.  This workshop shares new knowledge, tools and insights to help you navigate your life with ease and grace.  This workshop allows you to clear your lens and understand your daily interactions with more clarity.  Participants gain tools to help themselves manage moods, heal emotional trauma and balance themselves.  They learn to navigate relationships with new success because they recognize soul connection with others.

Workshops include an energy-healing segment.

These workshops are appropriate at most events, organizations and venues.

Embracing Energetic Sensitivity

Are you impacted by the energy around you?
Are you absorbing the emotions of others?

Michelle J. Howe brings deeper insight, awareness and wisdom to the topic of “energetic sensitivity.” Michelle reveals practical understanding and wisdom that allows you to navigate beyond our personal and interpersonal struggles and challenges. She shares healing vibrations, tools and wisdom to brighten your light at home, at work and in relationships. This workshop is engaging and interactive – guiding your path to emotional empowerment, self-love and fulfillment.

Workshops include an energy-healing segment.

These workshops are typically hosted at Holistic Events, Wellness Centers, Yoga Centers or Spiritual Communities.

Custom Workshops

Have a topic you want to explore?
Would you like us to customize a program for you?

Our empowerment workshops bring together ​awakening men and women seeking new solutions, transformation or healing at deeper levels.  Energy is the language of healing.  Managing “our energy” is the key!

Our goal is to guide awakening individuals, empaths, healers and seekers to embrace energy concepts and energy smart tools for new success in the world.  ​Participants learn practical tools, practices and principles to positively impact all aspects of their life. ​

Workshops include an energy-healing segment.

Examples of Custom Workshops:
Emotional Empowerment for Women, Emotional Empowerment for Caregivers, Navigating Your Life for Inner Peace; etc…

Each workshop includes experiential practices, introspection and healing meditations to transform your life on many levels

​​Empowerment workshops bring knowledge and teachings related to energy dynamics, personal healing and the beauty of inner connection. They are here to powerfully impact your life at home, at work and in relationships. Workshops are appropriate for those of us who value their mental and emotional health – the way they are feeling on a day-to-day basis. These workshops are customizable to specific participants – each focused to ​strengthen individual practices relating to self-care, wellness and personal healing.

“I was a participant at a workshop Michelle did in Oneonta. She gave a 3 1/2 hour lecture and at the end lead us in a guided meditation. From the beginning you could feel the energies of each person meld into one cohesive form. She led with purpose and with love. I could see the energy flow from her into each one of us and if felt so freeing. Like being held up in warm water with a gentle breeze flowing around you. The scents it brought to mind were a soft amber and sandalwood. Just such a peaceful cone of power we raised together and then released into the world with love.”

Christy Flowers, Oneonta, NY

why choose us

Custom Instruction

Workshops are customized to meet the needs of a specific group of participants or the goals of an organization.  There are 2 hour workshops, full day workshops or a series of workshops available.   The focus and content is always expansive and powerful.​  Each workshop includes a segment for energy healing. ​

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workshop results

Participant results vary
with transformation on many levels


Navigate with a new lens.


Stabilize your moods.


Enjoy a new you.


Experience greater levels of love.


Trust yourself and life.



Connect with good people.

And much more…

What People Are Saying

“Our goal was to provide these Mom’s with tools towards a path to empowerment, self care and self reflection. The feedback from the attendees was very positive. Michelle is an advocate for helping people and that is just what she did for our Mom’s. I would highly recommend working with Michelle Howe and her company Empath Evolution. “

Kate Houck

Executive Director, David's Refuge

“Great class on Sunday. I had a really nice meditation and Jamie came and visited- I also could see the energy between your hands sparking when you were demonstrating a healing to do for yourself when in the shower! It was very clear, and I was so happy I was perceiving with my eyes wide open! Also, when you did the group healing, and I was having that lovely meditation, I saw energy (perceived in my mind’s eye), a great big soft ball of gold light was being broken open and shared out to everyone in the room; then later silver light came at me and through me. It was really cool. “

Diana Friedell

Oneonta, NY

“Hi Michelle really enjoyed your presentation yesterday, during the meditation at the end I could feel Waves of Energy flowing thru the room….today I checked the vibration of the space and measured the energy level at 144 K L..during your presentation as well as for a time afterwards….a high vibration for sure and a Harmonic of the Speed of Light…3 times 144 is 432..once again revealing The Triune Nature of Healing with Divine Unconditional Love…I will be referring some clients of mine to you”

Tim Keys

Sanctioned Healer, Institute for Spiritual Development

Ready to Make a Change?

If you are interested in these workshop topics for your training series, holistic event, membership organizations, team or groups – contact us at 315.676.7460 or email info@empathevolution.com. ​

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